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Dyson DC07 Belt and Brushroll Replacement

Remember to have the appliance unplugged before attempting this repair.

This simple routine maintenance task can solve a lot of suction issues and will prevent premature motor burn out.

Tools Needed and Other Information

No tools needed except for a flat blade screwdriver and a coin..

Possible Symptoms

The things to look out for are:


Noisy brushbar; the bearings can start to 'whine' sometimes. A drop of WD40 may help, but it is seldom a long-term fix.

If the vacuum isn't picking up from the bottom, but has suction from the pipe, the belt may have snapped and the brushroll will usually have move very freely with no resistance.

The bristles on a new brushroll take a long time to wear down in my experience. They are approx 7mm long when new. Belts do become slack with time, and a repair like this will cost no more than a few pounds, and it can make a lot of difference to the performance of the Dyson.

This repair was on a base model non-clutched DC07 without the brushbar control. These are one of the most popular models, and are usually yellow and silver in colour. If you have a machine with a clutch, you will need a brushroll removal tool. Read about those and see where to get one from here: How To Use The Dyson Belt Lifter Tool.


Dyson DC07 belt swap


The first job is to unscrew the three retaining screws (arrowed). They turn a quarter of a turn only.


Dyson DC07 belt replacement


If your belt hasn't snapped, it will need pulling off the motor shaft.


Dyson DC07 brushroll replacement


The brushbar can now be pulled out. This brushroll had a groove scored into the side of it caused by a hair grip; it's visible just to the left of my thumb. Such damage often makes the brushbar bend a little, and be noisy in operation.


Dyson DC07 brushbar swap


With the new belt positioned on the new brushroll, insert it into the slot and locate the brushroll. To make the belt easier to locate on the motor shaft, give it a bit of a stretch before you fit it.


Dyson DC07 noisy brushbar


Ensure that these lugs are located correctly.


Dyson DC07 brush replacement


Pull the belt over the motor shaft.


Dyson DC07 noisy brushbar


Refit the soleplate - making sure it is clipped in the three lugs at the front before you tighten the three coloured screws..


Dyson DC07 belt swap


Before switching the machine back on, rotate the brushroll a little to make sure the belt hasn't been trapped between the soleplate and brushroll housing.


Find more great Dyson DC07 tips on the blog: Dyson DC07 Blog entries. If you want to know everything there is to know about your DC07, take a look at the workshop manual featured right here on Dyson Medic: Dyson DC07 Workshop Manual. We think it's a steal at 7.99 with free delivery.