The Dyson DC07

The Dyson DC07 was the fourth upright vacuum cleaner produced under the Dyson brand name. The DC07 was available in a wide variety of colours, and still represents a great value reconditioned buy or DIY project today.


The DC07 has the improved Root Cyclone system and washable pre-motor filter fitted as standard. Whilst the design is quite similar in many respects to the earlier DC04, they improved the cyclone design, the bin emptying mechanism and a few other minor design features.


The DC07 has a trigger operating a flap on the bottom of the bin to empty, it is easier to use with the tools, and the tools are stored on-board in a far more sensible way than with the earlier models. Most people find it is just a nicer machine to use than the earlier models, although some ladies as with many upright Dysons complain they are a little heavy to carry around the house and especially up the stairs.


Dyson DC07 Information

If you need to change a burnt out motor on a DC07 the Motor Change Guide will show you how to with step-by-step instructions


Keeping the filters clean stops the motor burning out and keeps suction to optimum levels. The DC07 Filter Service Guide shows you how.


If you want to learn everything there is to know about your Dyson DC07, then check out the Dyson DC07 Repair Manual page.

There is nothing that can go wrong with your DC07 which if you are practically inclined, and have a fundamental grasp of home electrics, you cannot source the parts and repair yourself for a fraction of the cost of a new Dyson.