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Dyson DC05 Motor Change

Remember to have the appliance unplugged before attempting this repair.

This is the most involved repair to this machine and should only really be attempted by people who feel confident enough to do it. Please refer to the disclaimer at the very bottom of the page before you start.


Tools needed:

Flat blade screwdrivers (assorted);

T15 Torx screwdriver;

Possibly long nose pliers.


If you need a Torx screwdriver or a new motor, you can get one from here: >>Dyson Cylinder Spares<<.


Possible Symptoms of a Damaged Motor

The things to look out for are:

A strong smell of burning;

The motor may sound laboured;

The motor may make a low, popping, bubbling noise;

Smoke from motor case area;

High pitched noise may indicate motor bearings are worn.

Please Read First

This repair was on a machine that had been repaired by someone else who had removed the cable rewind and replaced the cable without it.

I really wanted to do a guide on how to replace the cable reel on a DC05 but I will have to wait until I get another to repair.

When you come to the part where the wheels need removing, with some models (usually late model DC05 machines), the wheels will simply pull off.

On the earlier models - like the one I have used for this guide - it is a little more tricky.

This guide will also show you how to gain access to the switch, but these rarely need to be replaced.

Please also use caution with the cable reel as it can jump out of its housing and this will cause problems.


Dyson DC05 motor replacement guide


First job is to remove the hose.


Dyson DC05 Motor Swap Guide


Unclip the lid.


Dyson DC05 motor service guide


Remove the dust bin.


Dyson DC05 YDK motor replacement guide


Remove the washable filter.


Dyson Panasonic DC05 motor replacement guide


Unlatch the lower filter cover.


Dyson DC05 workshop manual


This is the lower filter with the cover removed. This model is fitted with a HEPA filter. Yours may just have a filter pad.


Dyson DC05 motor repair manual


Remove the lower filter, if it is badly burnt or blocked please discard and replace. It is always better to replace HEPA filters if they are very black. DO NOT attempt to wash a HEPA filter - it won't work and may damage your new motor.


Dyson DC05 service guide


Remove the rubber bumper.


Dyson DC05 switch change


This elbow where the hose joins needs to be pulled off.


Dyson DC05 cable replacement guide


It requires some effort but just pull it straight up. Using leverage with a screwdriver may damage the plastic so is not recommended.


Dyson DC05 flex change guide


This is what it looks like when it is removed.


Dyson DC05 cable rewind access


The button below the elbow can now be removed. Use a screwdriver, and be careful not to snap the lugs.


Dyson DC05 pedal replacement guide


Carefully remove the button.


Dyson DC05 service manual


The button on the other side also needs removing; carefully prise it off.


Dyson DC05 Absolute


And here it is removed.


Dyson DC05 schematic


Now remove the lid carefully with a screwdriver by gently prising the lugs either side outwards.


Strip Down Dyson DC05


Remove the lid


How to repair a Dyson DC05


This is the stage where the wheels on certain models will pull off.

However, the model in this guide was one where the wheels didn't pull off. In this case, the four screws need to be accessed. They are hidden by the wheels.


How to dismantle a Dyson DC05 motor replacement guide


Bend the wheel away so the screws can be seen. There are 2x T15 Torx screws on each side.


Dyson DC05 strip down


Sometimes, jamming a pair of pliers into the gap is helpful (highly technical tip there).


Dyson DC05 workshop guide


With the four screws removed, the last screw in the hole arrowed in the photograph above needs to be removed.


Dyson DC05 motor replacement guide


Lift the top off.



Remove the motor body

(The cable reel is missing in this photo.)


Dyson DC05 DIY repair


The motor is inside the case.


Dyson DC05 cut out


The four lugs need unclipping all the way round and this will remove the lid.


Dyson DC05 motor burning smell


The lid has been removed, and the rubber motor mount can now be seen.


Dyson DC05 making noise


Pull the motor mount off, and the motor can be accessed.


Dyson DC05 smoke


This motor has overheated and burned the armature.


Dyson DC05 blown motor


*** If you didnt pull your wheels off earlier ignore these next three steps. ***

If you have a plastic insert on the wheels, knock it through with a screwdriver from the inside.


Dyson DC05 burned motor


Pull the plastic insert out.


Dyson DC05 strong smell


The wheels will pull off the chassis really easily now.

The wheels do not have to be removed, but it is a lot easier if they are.


Dyson DC05 motor swap guide


Back to the motor. Put the top rubber mount from the old motor onto the new motor


Dyson DC05 motor change guide


Now push this rubber grommet through the motor case, this will make refitting the motor a lot easier.


Dyson DC05 motor replacement tutorial


Connect the wires.


Broken Dyson DC05


These two pins arrowed......


Dyson DC05 motor fitting guide


Locate into these two holes - also arrowed.


Dyson DC05 motor swapout guide


Push the motor into the housing gently make sure the holes and pins are aligned and don't forget to pull the grommet back and make sure it is in its correct position.


Dyson DC05 motor replacement guide


Snap the lid back.


Dyson DC05 motor replacement guide


Sit the motor casing into the lower chassis.


Repair Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner


The upper chassis needs to hook over the round part and gently lower into position.


Repair Dyson DC05 vacuum cleaner


Check all the way around that the two halves are sat snug with no gaps.


When you are happy, refit the five Torx screws.


Repair Dyson canister vacuum cleaner


Now push the wheels back on.


Repair Dyson Motorhead vacuum cleaner


Push the plastic pegs back (if applicable to your model).


Fix Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner


Push the buttons back.


Mend Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner


They should snap back.


Repair Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner


Repair Dyson cylinder vacuum cleaner


Push the elbow back onto its mounting.


Repair Dyson Hoover

Refit the lid.


Repair Dyson bagless vacuum cleaner


Refit the lower filter.


Dyson Spare Parts


When refitting the filter lid make sure the lid latches are sat in the correct position.


Dyson Spare Parts Online


It will snap back into place.


Dyson Spares


Refit the washable filter (having already washed and properly dried it).


Dyson Spare Parts UK


Refit the rubber bumper.


Dyson Spare Parts Discount


Refit the dust bin, and the hose, and test the machine.



Caution: All work to electrical appliances should only be carried out by competent, qualified people in accordance with their local laws. Faulty electrical appliances can cause serious personal injury and death. Always take the relevant precautions, and if in doubt, consult an experienced engineer.