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Dyson DC04 Not Standing Upright Quick Fix

Very simple fix for a dyson DC04 that wont click back into its upright position

Tools Needed and Other Information

There are no tools needed for this particular repair.


Dyson DC04 not standing upright

The reason the vacuum won't go back to it's correct position is because the pivoting elbow (actually called the carriage mechanism) has dropped without aligning into the latch (depicted by the red circle).


DC04 wont stand up

How to fix it: Lie the vacuum on its side with the base of the vacuum in the fully reclined position, and simply push the elbow back up in the direction indicated by the small grey arrow in the photograph above.


Fix Dyson DC04 stand up problem

This is how they should latch together when aligned correctly.


Dyson DC04 repair manual

And this is how it looks when the vacuum is in its standing position.



This repair is a very simple one and the Dyson DC07 and DC14 models have the same procedure to fix this problem. If you like, you can watch a video on how to do this here: My Dyson DC04 Wont Stand Upright.