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The Dyson DC04

The DC04 was the successor to the original DC01. It had improved washable filters fitted as standard. Whilst the design is quite similar to the earlier DC01, they corrected a few minor design flaws. The DC04 is what we call the "Ford Escort" of Dysons - it does exactly what you want it to do without fuss.


A DC04 is easier to empty, easier to use with the tools, the tools are stored on-board in a more sensible way, and it is just a nicer machine to use than the earlier models.


They are not rocket science to fix as long as you have some proper tools. Models with a clutch are ALWAYS easier to work on if you have a belt removal tool. The switch is easier to access with a proper switch tool, and you can't take it apart without a T15 Torx screwdriver with a minimum 100mm shaft. If you need a proper Dyson tool kit, take a read of this article on our blog: Dyson Trade Tool Set.

Dyson DC04 Information

Let's start with the easy stuff. Everything you need to know about your DC04's onboard tools, telescopic back hose and wand is covered here: DC04 Tools, Wand & Back Hose Tutorial.

Access to the mains cable on this model is one job many people make a hash of. The guide we have written will show how to access this in the DC04 Mains Cable guide.


Lack of suction can often be resolved by washing the filter in the top of the cyclone unit. The DC04 Filter Service guide will show you how to remove and clean the filters.


Sometimes, a Dyson DC04 wont stand upright. It's simple to fix and takes seconds. Our DC04 Not Standing Up guide shows you how.


A belt change can sometimes help if the vacuum is struggling to pick up dirt from carpets. The DC04 Belt Change guide shows you how it's done.


If you suspect the motor has burnt out, the DC04 Motor Swap guide shows how to strip the vacuum and replace the motor.


There are many more Dyson articles on our blog section covering the DC04. You can access that here: Dyson DC04 Blog Articles.


"What is a Zorbster?" we are often asked. Made in grey and lavender, the DC04 Zorbster was designed to double up as a carpet dry cleaning machine. They have an aperture on the front of the body that one can fit a hopper to that dispenses Zorb crystals onto your carpet that could later be vacuumed back up -- together with the dirt apparently. They were never terribly popular as a carpet dry cleaning machine in our opinion; most people tended to use them as a regular vacuum.