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Dyson DC04 Belt Change

This guide is for those who have a lime green and grey DC04 or a pale blue and grey DC04i. That means machines without a clutch.

If you don't know what a clutch is, or if your machine has one, look at this photograph below:



If your machine is a model with a clutch, it has that knob. It will typically be designated as an “all floors”, a “multi floor”, an “allergy”, an “animal” or an “absolute”. If your Dyson DC04 has a clutch fitted, this guide isn't for you.

Check the blog and forums linked on this page for information applicable to your machine if it has a clutch.

When your Dyson DC04 stops picking up from the floor, but the back hose still has suction, it could mean that the belt has snapped and needs replacing. A smell of burning rubber could also indicate a damaged belt.

Replacing the belt - even when still intact - can sometimes make a big difference to the performance of the machine; and it is cheap and easy to do so.

Tools Needed and Other Information

A large flat blade screwdriver or a 20p coin to unscrew the retaining screws.


DC04 Belt Swap


First unplug the vacuum and lie it on its' back. The sole plate has to be removed by turning the 3 plastic retaining screws (arrowed).


Dyson DC04 Sole Plate Removal

It's a quarter of a turn on each one anti-clockwise. Use a screwdiver or a suitable coin.


Dyson DC04 Belt Replacement


With the sole plate off, the brushroll is now exposed. The belt on this machine had snapped, so the brushroll simply fell out. But usually, they need removing by using a long flat blade screwdriver to pop the belt off the motor spindle.


Dyson DC04 non-clutched belt swap


Remove the brushroll from the brushroll housing, and make sure it's clean and you have removed all hair and carpet fibres, etc.

Also, make sure the brushroll can spin freely before refitting it.


DC04 belt replacement guide

Put the new belt (if you need a new belt, get a pack of two here: >>Dyson DC04 belts<<) on to the brushroll and refit the brushroll and belt back into the brushroll housing, making sure the belt enters the belt slot.


DC04 belt repair


The belt now has to be stretched onto the metal motor shaft.


Dyson DC04 belt fix

And with a bit of effort it is now on the shaft.


Dyson DC04 solplate change

Now check that the belt is running free by turning the brushroll by hand. Also make sure that the lugs are located correctly on the brushroll (red circle).


Lime Green DC04 Repair

Now reposition the sole plate and secure the coloured fastener screws. Again, make sure the brushroll is not jammed and that the lugs are located correctly (red circle).


Dyson DC04 Lime Green Fix

That's everything done!



If your Dyson DC04 has a clutch, you will need a special tool to release and refit the brushroll. See this article: How To Use The Dyson Belt Lifter Tool.