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Dyson DC04 Washable Filter Service

When the washable filter in your Dyson DC04 gets clogged up, it will severley affect the suction of the vacuum. Vacuuming fine powders such as flour and plaster dust can very quickly stop the filters performing as they should.

The simple task of washing your filter can solve a lot of suction issues, and will prevent premature motor burn out.

Tools Needed and Other Information

No tools needed, but please be sure to allow the filter to dry out fully before placing it back in to the vacuum. 24 hours on a radiator normally does the trick.


Dyson DC04 Filter Service

First, unclip the cyclone unit off the body of the vacuum cleaner.


Changing a Dyson DC04 Filter

The washable filter is in the top of the cyclone unit. To gain access to it, unclip this latch.


How to wash dyson DC04 filters

Here is the washable filter. You might want to give the inside of the cyclone unit a quick wipe as well.


The sponge pulls away form the plastic, and both parts can be washed. Dyson suggests only washing them in cold water and not using detergent of any kind. I disagree. I have been using warm water and detergent for many years without detriment. Many people put them in the washing machine too. Having washed both parts properly, place them in a warm place to dry for at least 24 hours or until completely dry. Occasionally, your old filter will be shrunken, damaged or too smelly to reuse. You can buy a new after-market replacement if you prefer to replace it. Many people buy a spare one simply to have a clean one handy. If you want a new one, you can get one >>HERE<< for just 3 for a recycled one or 6 for a new one including UK delivery.


Here is a video overview of the process.




Avoid carpet deodorisers such as "shake and vac". These products very quickly block filters. If you want to use air freshners, use instead use the drop in style air fresheners.