The Dyson DC02

Nowadays, the Dyson DC02 is somewhat of an elderly old thing. The DC05 was better, and the DC08 and later cylinders are better still. The DC02 was the first cylinder machine that Dyson made. As with many things, they evolved. Times moved on.

You will seldom find a decent second-hand Dyson DC02 now that hasnít been used and abused to within an inch of its life. Many parts are not available for them any more, although filters and general things still are.

Dyson DC02 Information

If you are looking for an entry level Dyson, our advice is: As good as they were at the time, they are now a relic that belong in the same stable as the Hoover Junior. A nice example will have retro appeal to some, especially the rarer models like the blue semi-see-through ones. But, compared to Dysonís later products, the examples you will find now are woefully inadequate for modern usage. If you must buy one, get one from a Dyson specialist supplier if you want it to last.

If you want further advice on the DC02, check out our blog and the unofficial Dyson discussion forums. You can find the links to get to both of them on this page in the top navigation buttons.

For those of you that insist on repairing a DC02, there are two repairs that are the most common. First is the motor swap. Original DC02 motors are now unavailable anywhere, but you can still repair your Dyson DC02 - you can shoehorn a YDK DC05 motor in there. Get one from >>here<<.

The other likely repair is the cable rewind. They are also unavailable new any more, but occasionally, you can dig out a good second hand one. If you can find one - and good luck with that - how to change it is covered in our guide here: >>DC02 Cable Rewind Repair<<.