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Dyson DC01 Cable Repair

If your Dyson DC01 vacuum cleaner suddenly stops working, or sparks appear near the top of the cable where it enters the body of the vacuum, it will almost certainly be a broken mains cable.

It would be wise to replace the full cable for this repair, as it is not only easier but as the original cable is very old now, it would probably be unsafe to repair the existing one.

As usual, it's safety first: make sure the Dyson is not plugged in, and if unsure about any aspect, do not start and get professional help instead.

Tools Needed and Other Information

A T15 Torx screwdriver (get one >>here<< if you don't have one), a small flat blade screwdriver, a crimping tool and crimps.

As you can see, this repair involves crimping a new spade connector to the cable, so please ensure the crimped spade is secure before you finish.



DC01 cable change

First, unclip the dust bin from the vacuum cleaner as shown.



dyson DC01 cable change guide

Now, disconnect the wand.



Dyson DC01 Repair

Now, very slowly pull the cyclone up. This will dislocate it from the two plastic bumps that hold it in place. The wand must stay clear, as it not being so may cause damage. Also, if you rush this, the plastic will start to crack. Pay particular attention to the areas in the red circle.



DC01 Cyclone Removal

Gently does it, and away the cyclone comes.



Dyson DC01 Repair Manual

There is one T15 screw to remove, and then you can remove the plastic cover.



Dyson DC01 Workshop Manual

This is what you should see:



Dyson DC01 Service Manual

Photograph it if in doubt. That may help you at reassembly time. Now, unscrew the cable retainer. This is a T15 screw again. Also unscrew the blue neutral wire from the block connector and pull the spade off the switch. The cable grip is circled in the photograph.



Dyson DC01 Repair

This is what you should be left with.

Now, using your old cable as a guide, make your new cable exactly the same without crimping the spade on yet.

Thread the new cable through the entry hole first, then crimp the new spade onto the wire. Next, connect everything together making sure the switch is housed correctly and everything is as it was before.



Dyson DC01 Service

Put the plastic cover back, making sure that no wires are trapped, and screw it back together.



Dyson DC01 Spare Parts

Gently push the cyclone back into position and put the dust bin back where it came from.



Dyson DC01 spares

Make sure the button works and test the vacuum cleaner.

As always, please perform a PAT test after any repair work.

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