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Dyson DC04 Motor Replacement

Remember to have the appliance unplugged from the mains before attempting this repair.

Possible Symptoms of a Damaged Motor

The things to look out for are:

A strong smell of burning;

The motor may sound laboured;

The motor may make a low popping bubbling noise;

Smoke from motor casing area;

A high-pitched noise may indicate that the motor bearings are worn.

Tools Needed and Other Information

A new motor - but you knew that already didn't you? However, what you probably don't know is that there are two different types of motor fitted to DC04's. You can find a tutorial about that here: Replacing a Dyson DC04 Motor (Ametek or YDK).

You also need a T15 torx screwdriver. If you don't have one - you need one. You can get a new motor and the T15 Torx screwdriver you need >>here<<.

You also need a large flat blade screwdriver for the retaining screws on the soleplate.

The repair detailled on this page was carried out on a lime green and grey machine that has a single drive belt and no clutch. If your machine has a clutch, you will also need a belt removal tool. You can read all about those - how to use one and where to get one from here: How To Use The Dyson Belt Lifter Tool.


DC04 motor swap


Unclip the cyclone unit from the vacuum cleaner body.


Dyson DC04 motor replacement


Remove the cyclone bin unit from the main body


Dyson DC04 motor repair guide


Unscrew three soleplate retaining screws - a quarter of a turn each with a coin.


repairing a dyson DC04 motor


Remove the soleplate


Dyson motor replacement


Pull the belt off the motor shaft.


Dyson DC04 main motor repair


Pull the brushbar out.


DC04 DIY repair


The small hose here needs to be pulled off.


Dyson DC04 service guide


It comes off quite easily.


Dyson motor exchange


Now unclip the brushroll housing away from the head unit of the vacuum. You may need to tilt it each way a little until you find the release position.


Dyson DC04 strip down


Both sides. There is a knack to this you will pick up if you rock it back and forth.


Dyson DC04 schematic


Unclip this inspection tube.


How to repair a Dyson DC04


Now unclip these green plastic circlips; a screwdriver helps.


Dyson DC04 Spare Parts


Both sides.....


Dyson brush roller change


Just ease them off.


Dyson DC04 exploded diagrams


Now put the vacuum in this position.


Dyson DC04 Ametek Motor Change


Bend these lugs away from the body on both sides.


Dyson DC04 YDK motor swap


A steady hand is needed.


Dyson DC04 YV motor replacement


And it comes off completely.


Dyson DC04 burning smell


This is what you should be looking at now.


Dyson DC04 popping noise


There are eight T15 torx screws to remove. Here's the first one circled in the photograph above.


Dyson DC04 bubbling noise


Two on this side - circled in the photograph above.


Dyson spare parts


Three more at the bottom.




The other two are behind the filter. Unclip the cover.


Dyson Doctor


Pull out this filter.


Dyson spares online


The top two need unscrewing.


Dyson DC04 workshop manual


A close up shot.


Dyson DC04 repair manual


With the screws out, the motor outer casing will pull apart.


Dyson DC04 repair guide


Remove from the body of the vacuum cleaner.


Dyson DC04 service book


Pull this piece of trim off.


Dyson service information


Four lugs on the motor case hold the lid in place.


Dyson engineer guide


Unclip the lugs gently and remove the lid.


Dyson DC04 DIY manual


The motor now needs pushing out of the case; this can require some effort and is best pushed with two thumbs (the camera was in my other hand for this shot).


Dyson workshop guide


The motor is now out of its case.


Dyson motor repair


This is the old motor and the top motor mount.

Note the colours and positions of the wires and disconnect the motor.


Recondition Dyson Motor


This is the new motor. Be sure to get an OEM one from a reputable place like Manchester Vacs and avoid cheapo Chinese twenty quid eBay ones that will only last a few weeks - if they work at all!


Ametek YDK Dyson Motor Conversion


I have taken the old motor mount and put it on the new motor.


Fix Dyson DC04


Now remove the lower motor mount from the old motor.


Fix Dyson Motor


And fit it to the new motor.


Repair Dyson DC04


Attach the wires (knowing which colour goes to which terminal) and push the new motor back into the case.

There are 2 pins that push into the top mount (arrowed in the photograph).


Mend Dyson DC04 motor


Put the lid back on.


Dyson Animal Repair


Refit this piece of trim.


Dyson Absolute Repair


Sit it back into the body as shown.


Dyson all floors repair


Refit the top motor case and screw it together.


Dyson DC04 motor change


Refit the base of the vacuum.


Dyson repair tutorial


Now refit the retaining circlips on both sides.


Dyson change motor


Refit the small hose.


Dyson swap motor


Clip the brushroll housing back into position.


Dyson replace motor


Push the belt and brushbar back into position.


Dyson swap out motor


Refit the belt.


Dyson motor refit


Check that the brushroll moves freely.


Dual Cyclone Motor Repair


Refit the soleplate and coloured screw retainers.


Dyson making noise


Refit the inspection tube.


Noisy Dyson DC04


Replace the lid and filter.


Dyson DC04 rattling


Refit the cyclone unit and test the machine.



Caution: All work to electrical appliances should only be carried out by competent, qualified people in accordance with their local laws. Faulty electrical appliances can cause serious personal injury and death. Always take the relevant precautions, and if in doubt, consult an experienced engineer.